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Dr. Travis Duro

I help my clients reach their

best-possible physical capabilities

to achieve their personal goals



About My Services

I help my clients reach their best-possible physical capabilities to achieve their personal goals. For patients healing from injuries, this could mean recovering functionality. For aging patients, this could mean increased independence. For athletes, this could mean reaching levels of performance they didn’t think possible.



· Treatment for Sprains and Strains
· Treatment for Ligament and Tendon Injuries
· Treatments for healing bones & Joints
· Treatment for muscle tears
· Cryotherapy & Thermal Therapy 
· Hydro-compression Message Body Wraps
· Cold Laser Therapy
· Ultrasound
· Saunders Traction
· Inversion Therapy
· Joint Mobilization
· Therapeutic Massage and Manual Therapy
· Muscle Energy Techniques
· Compression Massage
· Cervical and spinal traction

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· Treatment for Complex Medical Conditions
· Treatment for Chronic Pain
· Treatment for neurological disorders such as MS, Strokes, Parkinson's, Guillan Barre
· Surgical Recovery from joint replacement, ligament or tendon repair, internal fixation, skin grafts, 
proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
· Neuromuscular Developmental Training
· Gait Training, Transfer training, Adaptive Equipment Training and fitting

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Sports Medicine

· Sports pre & post game preparation and recovery Treatments such as effleurage, petrissage, sports specific manual stretching, and P.R.I.C.E. techniques
· Cupping
· Athletic Tapping
· Kinesiology Tapping
· Game preparation of compromised areas
· Sympathetic & Parasympathetic activation to decrease tension and create a ready and relaxed state
· Acute & Subacute  Traumatic Injury Treatment of appendicular and axial     skeletal areas


Health & Fitness

Coming soon

Sport Specific Conditioning,
& Performance Nutrition

We work in the privacy of your home and develop a custom plan tailored just for you.  My programs are completely independent of insurance companies so that we aren't restricted to prescribed agendas that achieve only minimal results.


Joint mobilization

Dr. Travis Duro

Joint mobilization is the careful use of skilled graded forces to move a joint in a desired direction. Unlike stretching of a muscle joint mobilization is specific to the capsule of the joint itself. Gliding of the joint is usually used to improve motion and normalize joint function. Joint mobilization also has the added benefit of controlling pain.

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